What was the point of our educational policy class this semester? I think the goal of the course was to educate students about the complex history of education policy in the United States. Not only do I feel like I have learned a lot about education policy this semester, I think that I have gotten a lot more out of this course. 

This course brought together students from many different disciplines. There were not just education minors in the class, there were people who studied many different subjects. I think that this offered a unique learning experience because it allowed me to hear opinions on policy from outside the educational perspective. Teachers definitely have a certain opinion about educational policy, however, this does not necessarily ring true for those outside the discipline. 

This course also made us think critically about policies. It is one thing to learn about policies, but it is another to analyze them and see their strengths and weaknesses. I also liked that this class also let us step into policy maker’s shoes and decide how we would change things. I felt like our ideas were valued and there was not just one right way to do things, but a lot of give and take to find a solution. 

I think a lot of classes at Gettysburg end up being very abstract and theory based. I liked that this class brought us out of the clouds and to a more realistic level. It allowed us to develop our own ideas and decide how we would implement them. I think this is a great class for any upperclassman interested in policy or education because it asks us to complete very practical tasks. We are responsible for putting our ideas out there after graduation and most classes do not teach you how to do that in a way other than writing a paper. This class forced us to share our ideas on blogs and write policy briefs or create our own schools. These are real ways to share our ideas and make an impact on educational policy. 

This class will help me grow as a teacher because it allowed me to learn more about the policy that dictates classroom practice. It also helped me form my own opinions of education policies both as it pertains to teaching and the country on a larger level. I will definitely read more critically about education policy and other subjects after taking this course.